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In 2017, Chicago-based nonprofit Archeworks approached Do It Better to spearhead WA$TED MARKET: Convenings, a panel event series promoting waste reduction in the construction and demolition industries. The event series objective was to scale deepen public understanding and scale business activity in Chicago’s building materials reuse sector.




After outlining Archeworks’ goals and objectives, we scoped a work plan to coordinate, produce, and report on the Convenings series.

Do It Better spearheaded outreach and coordination for 20+ panelists. Diversity of background, experience, and gender were core values underlying the panelist selection process.

We managed all event production for the series, booking venues relevant to each conversation topic and coordinating external contractors.




Convenings required a distinct project identity aligned with Archeworks’ organizational aesthetic and existing WA$TED MARKET collateral. Do It Better designed a promotional postcard and project website to promote the series. After creating a digital presence, Convenings was advertised through Eventbrite, social media, and targeted e-blasts.

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Do It Better drafted panel topics and structured each Convenings conversation to promote critical dialogue on opportunities for innovation in building construction and demolition. Panelists were prepped with an understanding of each conversation’s objectives before the event to ensure a productive discussion.


Ownership explored the lifecycle of secondhand building materials, from deconstruction, to transportation and logistics, and resale.


Scale invited reuse entrepreneurs to share their professional experiences and ideas for achieving scale across the industry.


Vision convened leaders from the architecture and design communities to brainstorm interventions that reduce waste from building construction and demolition at the systems level.




Convenings panel discussions were recorded and edited into a podcast available on the project website. Do It Better conducted post-event surveys with panelists and attendees and organized our findings and recommendations in a brief for Archeworks, who created the final grant report.



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